About the CCCP

The Central Canadian Center for Performance is a Winnipeg based organization which is dedicated to the promotion and exhibition of performance based practices.  We are a community based group with a focus on bringing performance out of the galleries and theaters and into non-traditional spaces, the street and to the general public at large.

The CCCP seeks to serve as a resources for artists to explore the idea of performance, as well as a meeting place for artists to share ideas, show work, and pool resources.  It was started by Winnipeg artists jaymez and Miss Lyndsay Ladobruk who  had been working closely together for several years on both art works and as curators.  They originally founded the DDC, a small collective which was used to gain curatorial experience. Three separate events were organized which explored both performance art, and the idea of art outside of art galleries.   The DDC has since evolved into the CCCP which focuses more on the artist and allowing them and opportunity to explore performance through events, workshops and discussions.

CCCP is working to build strong communities for performers, while pushing the limits of performance and allowing artists to experiment outside of traditional artist spaces.

Programming Mandate
Our programming has 3 main goals

  1. to create programming that provides open calls for performance so anyone can be free to experiment with performance.
  2. to create programming that works with communities to create awareness and donations for local groups.
  3. to fund performances and artist who’s work advances the language of art.

Why the CCCP… Are you communists?
No, although we believe in community. However, we thought we’d use something that most people recognize,  something familiar, and re-brand it.  That’s the Post-Modern way!

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    CCCP | Central Canadian Centre for Performance

    Organizational Structure

    Miss Lyndsay Ladobruk
    Artistic Director
    misslyndsay [at] cccponline.net

    Director of Media / Technology
    jaymez [at] cccponline.net

    Liz Garlicki
    Communications Director
    liz [at] cccponline.net

  • The CCCP survives with your help. If you enjoy our site, events or KATALOG, please consider donating. We are registered non-profit organization and all donations will go directly to CCCP programming, publications and events. To donate, please contact info@cccponline.net or donate online:
    Thank You!

  • Ads can help you, help us. To advertise with us, contact info@cccponline.net